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E — Constant static property in class Math
A mathematical constant for the base of natural logarithms, expressed as e.
else — Statement
Specifies the statements to run if the condition in the if statement returns false.
else if — Statement
Evaluates a condition and specifies the statements to run if the condition in the initial if statement returns false.
embedFonts — Property in class TextField
Specifies whether to render using embedded font outlines.
enabled — Property in class Button
A Boolean value that specifies whether a button is enabled.
enabled — Property in class ContextMenuItem
A Boolean value that indicates whether the specified menu item is enabled or disabled.
enabled — Property in class MovieClip
A Boolean value that indicates whether a movie clip is enabled.
encodeQuality — Property in class Microphone
The encoded speech quality when using Speex codex.
END — Constant static property in class Key
The key code value for the End key (35).
endFill() — Method in class MovieClip
Applies a fill to the lines and curves that were since the last call to beginFill() or beginGradientFill().
#endinitclip — Compiler Directive
Indicates the end of a block of initialization actions.
ENTER — Constant static property in class Key
The key code value for the Enter key (13).
eq (equality (strings)) — Operator
Deprecated since Flash Player 5 — This operator was deprecated in favor of the == (equality) operator.
equals(toCompare:Object) — Method in class flash.geom.Point
Determines whether two points are equal.
equals(toCompare:Object) — Method in class flash.geom.Rectangle
Determines whether the object specified in the toCompare parameter is equal to this Rectangle object.
Error — Class in Top Level
Contains information about an error that occurred in a script.
Error([message:String]) — Constructor in class Error
Creates a new Error object.
escape(expression:String) — Global function
Converts the parameter to a string and encodes it in a URL-encoded format, where all nonalphanumeric characters are replaced with % hexadecimal sequences.
ESCAPE — Constant static property in class Key
The key code value for the Escape key (27).
eval(expression:Object) — Global function
Accesses variables, properties, objects, or movie clips by name.
exactSettings — Static property in class System
A Boolean value that specifies whether to use superdomain (false) or exact domain (true) matching rules when accessing local settings (such as camera or microphone access permissions) or locally persistent data (shared objects).
exp(x:Number) — Static method in class Math
Returns the value of the base of the natural logarithm (e), to the power of the exponent specified in the parameter x.
extends — Statement
Defines a class that is a subclass of another class; the latter is the superclass.
ExternalInterface — Class in package flash.external
The ExternalInterface class is the External API, an application programming interface that enables straightforward communication between ActionScript and the Flash Player container; for example, an HTML page with JavaScript, or a desktop application with Flash Player embedded.
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