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undefined — Constant property
A special value, usually used to indicate that a variable has not yet been assigned a value.
underline — Property in class TextFormat
A Boolean value that indicates whether the text that uses this text format is underlined (true) or not (false).
unescape(string:String) — Global function
Evaluates the parameter x as a string, decodes the string from URL-encoded format (converting all hexadecimal sequences to ASCII characters), and returns the string.
uninstall(name:String) — Static method in class CustomActions
Removes the Custom Actions XML definition file named name.
union(toUnion:Rectangle) — Method in class flash.geom.Rectangle
Adds two rectangles together to create a new Rectangle object, by filling in the horizontal and vertical space between the two rectangles.
UNIQUESORT — Constant static property in class Array
In the sorting methods, this constant specifies the unique sorting requirement.
UNKNOWN — Constant static property in class System.IME
A string with the value "UNKNOWN" for use with getConversionMode().
unloadClip(target:Object) — Method in class MovieClipLoader
Removes a movie clip that was loaded by using MovieClipLoader.loadClip().
unloadMovie(target:Object) — Global function
Removes a movie clip that was loaded by means of loadMovie() from Flash Player.
unloadMovie() — Method in class MovieClip
Removes the contents of a movie clip instance.
unloadMovieNum(level:Number) — Global function
Removes a SWF or image that was loaded by means of loadMovieNum() from Flash Player.
unshift(value:Object) — Method in class Array
Adds one or more elements to the beginning of an array and returns the new length of the array.
unwatch(name:String) — Method in class Object
Removes a watchpoint that created.
UP — Constant static property in class Key
The key code value for the Up Arrow key (38).
updateAfterEvent() — Global function
Updates the display when you call it within an handler or using setInterval().
updateProperties() — Static method in class Accessibility
Causes all changes to _accProps (accessibility properties) objects to take effect.
upload(url:String, uploadDataFieldName:String, testUpload:Boolean) — Method in class
Starts the upload of a file selected by a user to a remote server.
uri — Property in class NetConnection
The target Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that was passed in by NetConnection.connect().
_url — Property in class Button
Retrieves the URL of the SWF file that created the button.
_url — Property in class MovieClip
Retrieves the URL of the SWF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG file from which the movie clip was downloaded.
_url — Property in class TextField
Retrieves the URL of the SWF file that created the text field.
url — Property in class TextFormat
Indicates the URL that text in this text format hyperlinks to.
useCodepage — Static property in class System
A Boolean value that tells Flash Player whether to use Unicode or the traditional code page of the operating system running the player to interpret external text files.
useEchoSuppression — Property in class Microphone
Property (read-only); a Boolean value of true if echo suppression is enabled, false otherwise.
useHandCursor — Property in class Button
A Boolean value that, when set to true (the default), indicates whether a pointing hand (hand cursor) displays when the mouse rolls over a button.
useHandCursor — Property in class MovieClip
A Boolean value that indicates whether the pointing hand (hand cursor) appears when the mouse rolls over a movie clip.
UTC(year:Number, month:Number, [date:Number], [hour:Number], [minute:Number], [second:Number], [millisecond:Number]) — Static method in class Date
Returns the number of milliseconds between midnight on January 1, 1970, universal time, and the time specified in the parameters.
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