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d — Property in class flash.geom.Matrix
The value in the second row and second column of the Matrix object, which affects the positioning of pixels along the y axis when scaling or rotating an image.
data — Property in class SharedObject
The collection of attributes assigned to the data property of the object; these attributes can be shared and/or stored.
Date — Class in Top Level
The Date class lets you retrieve date and time values relative to universal time (Greenwich mean time, now called universal time or UTC) or relative to the operating system on which Flash Player is running.
Date([yearOrTimevalue:Number], [month:Number], [date:Number], [hour:Number], [minute:Number], [second:Number], [millisecond:Number]) — Constructor in class Date
Constructs a new Date object that holds the specified date and time.
deblocking — Property in class Video
Indicates the type of deblocking filter applied to decoded video as part of postprocessing.
decode(queryString:String) — Method in class LoadVars
Converts the variable string to properties of the specified LoadVars object.
default — Statement
Defines the default case for a switch statement.
delete — Statement
Destroys the object reference specified by the reference parameter, and returns true if the reference is successfully deleted; false otherwise.
DELETEKEY — Constant static property in class Key
The key code value for the Delete key (46).
deltaTransformPoint(pt:Point) — Method in class flash.geom.Matrix
Given a point in the pretransform coordinate space, returns the coordinates of that point after the transformation occurs.
DESCENDING — Constant static property in class Array
In the sorting methods, this constant specifies descending sort order.
DisplacementMapFilter — Class in package flash.filters
The DisplacementMapFilter class uses the pixel values from the specified BitmapData object (called the displacement map image) to perform a displacement of an object on the Stage, such as a MovieClip instance.
DisplacementMapFilter(mapBitmap:BitmapData, mapPoint:Point, componentX:Number, componentY:Number, scaleX:Number, scaleY:Number, [mode:String], [color:Number], [alpha:Number]) — Constructor in class flash.filters.DisplacementMapFilter
Initializes a DisplacementMapFilter instance with the specified parameters.
displayMode — Static property in class flash.text.TextRenderer
Controls the rendering of advanced anti-aliased text.
displayState — Static property in class Stage
Sets Flash Player to play the movie in full-screen mode or to take Flash Player out of full-screen mode.
dispose() — Method in class flash.display.BitmapData
Frees memory that is used to store the BitmapData object.
distance — Property in class flash.filters.BevelFilter
The offset distance of the bevel.
distance — Property in class flash.filters.DropShadowFilter
The offset distance for the shadow, in pixels.
distance — Property in class flash.filters.GradientBevelFilter
The offset distance.
distance — Property in class flash.filters.GradientGlowFilter
The offset distance of the glow.
distance(pt1:Point, pt2:Point) — Static method in class flash.geom.Point
Returns the distance between pt1 and pt2.
divisor — Property in class flash.filters.ConvolutionFilter
The divisor used during matrix transformation.
doConversion() — Static method in class System.IME
Instructs the IME to select the first candidate for the current composition string.
docTypeDecl — Property in class XML
Specifies information about the XML document's DOCTYPE declaration.
domain() — Method in class LocalConnection
Returns a string representing the domain of the location of the current SWF file.
do..while — Statement
Similar to a while loop, except that the statements are executed once before the initial evaluation of the condition.
DOWN — Constant static property in class Key
The key code value for the Down Arrow key (40).
download(url:String, [defaultFileName:String]) — Method in class
Displays a dialog box in which the user can download a file from a remote server.
draw(source:Object, [matrix:Matrix], [colorTransform:ColorTransform], [blendMode:Object], [clipRect:Rectangle], [smooth:Boolean]) — Method in class flash.display.BitmapData
Draws a source image or movie clip onto a destination image, using the Flash Player vector renderer.
DropShadowFilter — Class in package flash.filters
The DropShadowFilter class lets you add a drop shadow to a variety of objects in Flash.
DropShadowFilter([distance:Number], [angle:Number], [color:Number], [alpha:Number], [blurX:Number], [blurY:Number], [strength:Number], [quality:Number], [inner:Boolean], [knockout:Boolean], [hideObject:Boolean]) — Constructor in class flash.filters.DropShadowFilter
Creates a new DropShadowFilter instance with the specified parameters.
_droptarget — Property in class MovieClip
Returns the absolute path in slash-syntax notation of the movie clip instance on which this movie clip was dropped.
duplicateMovieClip(target:Object, newname:String, depth:Number) — Global function
Creates an instance of a movie clip while the SWF file is playing.
duplicateMovieClip(name:String, depth:Number, [initObject:Object]) — Method in class MovieClip
Creates an instance of the specified movie clip while the SWF file is playing.
duration — Property in class Sound
The duration of a sound, in milliseconds.
dynamic — Statement
Specifies that objects based on the specified class can add and access dynamic properties at runtime.
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